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Agilent Bioanalyzer-Based Quality Control Analysis

The Epigenomics Shared Facility offers Agilent Bioanalyzer-based quality control analysis of user-generated libraries prior to library sequencing. A maximum of 10 libraries can be run on a single Bioanalyzer chip with charges on a per chip, not per lane, basis.

Bioanalyzer Chips Available

High Sensitivity DNA Chip: For separating, sizing and quantifying low-concentration dsDNA samples from 50 - 7000 bp
Suggested for microRNA, RNA, HELP TAG, and ChIP libraries

7500 DNA Chip: For separating, sizing and quantifying dsDNA samples from 100 to 7500 bp
Suggested for genomic and exome-capture libraries

1000 DNA Chip: For separating, sizing and quantifying dsDNA samples from 25 to 1000 bp
Suggested for amplicon libraries

Chip Cost*: $80 per chip
*For labs external to Einstein & Montefiore, a 50% surcharge will be added to all prices quoted on this page

Note: Since inaccurate library quantitation results in poor-quality Bioanalyzer results, library concentration determinations by fluorometry (such as the Qubit fluorometer), rather than standard spectrophotometry (such as the Nanodrop device), are required prior to Bioanalyzer analysis of your libraries. If you cannot provide fluorometry-based concentrations of your libraries, then they will be determined for an additional charge of $15 / (1-10 samples). If you do not have access to a fluorometer, a Qubit 2.0 device is available in the Epigenomics Shared Facility and can be used, free of charge, with user-supplied reagents; appointments are not required.